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"It's such a perfect day...I'm glad I spent it with you..."

Whoo-hoo! My mom just gave me the OK to do with my hair as I please. If I can get Jesse to help me out, all you school people might be seeing me next week with a very interesting new 'do. ; )

I miss Gergely so much. =( He's so warm and soft and...and...alive. He's got such smooth, silky skin...and such loving eyes. And he holds me just right...he's my sunflower. My boi. My prince. My love. My sweetie. My butthole (hehe...inside joke). Szeretlek, Gergely. Fontos vagy nekem.
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OOOO! you mean that 80's one with the parted hair, shaved side, and braid????? that would be awesome! and your hair is long enough!!! :) whatever you do will be awesome emily!