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"Peace talkers and peace lovers are not the same as peacemakers..."

Well, yesterday was certainly more fun than a barrel of dead hookers. =D I had Jesse come over to hang out at my house, and she had me listen to her friend's band The Ieallogical Spoons. Very awesome. I especially liked the Peacemaker's song: "Peace talkers and peace lovers are not the same as peacemakers/Peacemakers are doers and all that they do is done in peace/Peacemakers not at peace with their maker do not make no peace".

We walked down to Mallratz and I bought her a shirt as a late birthday present, and we ended up talking to the store owner and his friends for awhile. Nice people.

After we got back to my house, we sort of chilled awhile, and then my mom took us to Bell Tower. I ended up seeing one of my friends who I haven't seen in literally years (since middle school) named Kim. Good times! And Ghost was there. =D Then I turn around, and Tim is there! It was like, a big orgy of people I like! XD We all ended up hanging out (with the exception of Tim, he and his girlfriend were on a double-date thingie with these other people).

We piled into Ghost's car and drove off to the Mobile station for gas and cigarettes. Ghost went in and emerged with cigarettes...and a little blue rose for me. =) Sweet? I think so. Just for fun, Ghost drove in all sorts of weird directions just to see if the other people in the car behind us (Austin and Jillian), Kim's friends, would follow us. They did. =P We got into an empty lot and drove in a huge circle a few times before we actually headed back to Bell Tower. As we were making a turn, some car nearly hit us. Ghost yelled "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!". A slight pause followed, and then we all started laughing and Kim pointed out to Ghost that he was still wearing my kitty ears I had lent to him earlier in the evening. XD

After the car had been safely parked, Jesse and Kim were looking through some pictures Ghost had taken, and suddenly Kim yells "I can see Emily's vagina!". Of course Jesse is all "Let me see! I wanna see Emily's vagina!" I chased her around and we squabbled over the picture until I gave up and just let her look. It wasn't really a picture of my vagina, just the time when Ghost tickled me and I fell to the ground, exposing my underwear. This picture has been confiscated. =P

Kim wantd ice cream, so our little amoebic blob of people moved towards the ice cream shop, when who should run out of T.G.I.Fridays but Kyle Anne and Sarah. =D I talked to them for about 2 minutes before I realized that Kim, Austin, and Jillian had disappeared. The remainder of the blob, that is, Jesse, Ghost and I, made our way to the ice cream shop, where Kim and Jillian had already gotten ice cream. Ghost and Jillian had to go and pick up Pablo, so they left and Me, Jesse, Kim, and Austin started to walk off, too. We passed this scoop of ice cream on the ground. Now, any reasonable person would have just left it alone, but of course Jesse had to go pick it up and start eating it. XD Seriously, she never passes up any kind of free food. Austin said that he had seen someone eating it who dropped it, and it was then picked up by another guy who licked it and dropped it, and then it rolled across the ground before Jesse came and picked it up. *giggle0rz*

As it turned out, Pablo cancelled his pick-up, so Ghost came back for me and we hung out some more. This continued until He, Kim, Austin, and Jillian went to go see a movie (the only reason Jesse and I didn't go was because my mom was coming to pick us up soon). And the fun of the night (or at least the excitement) pretty much died down after that. *yawn*

Time for me to sleep. Night-o.
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