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Slainvampire: cradle of filth is goth
A6370J1266: No, they are not.
A6370J1266: They are cheesy black metal
Slainvampire: no they are not
Slainvampire: they are goth
A6370J1266: Do you know any other goth bands?
Slainvampire: emperor,drams in fear
Slainvampire: etc...
Slainvampire: dreams*
A6370J1266: See, those aren't goth bands either...if you listen to bands like Bauhaus and Christian Death and compare them to those bands, you'll hear quite a difference
Slainvampire: ok
Slainvampire: do you know who dreams in fear is?
A6370J1266: Actually, if you like Cradle of Filth and Emperor, you probably wouldn't like goth music at all
A6370J1266: and I've heard a couple Dreams in Fear songs...enough to form an opinion.
Slainvampire: ok
Slainvampire: cradle of filth is goth metal
A6370J1266: No such genre.
Slainvampire: yes there is
A6370J1266: Prove it.
Slainvampire: i have to go argue later
A6370J1266: www.deathrock.com
Slainvampire signed off at 6:29 PM

All I can say is...*handforeheadstaple*
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