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"I lean backwards inside of me..."

And so my adventures here in Mississippi continue.

I went shopping today with my aunt and grandmother. First, we went to this bargain-type store. I swear, I searched forever for a decent pair of black pants and came up empty-handed. Ah, pants. The bane of my existance. Always being too long, awkwardly-fitting, or just plain unflattering. Apparently, trouser experts take "petite" to mean "short and stout", because everything was too big in some area or other. Some people complain about being overweight, but damnit, they sure as hell have an easier time finding pants than I do.

After the unsuccessful trip to the bargain store, we went into town and stopped by some more interesting bohemian stores. They had all sorts of mystical things (many of which I'm sure Sage would just love), including crystal balls, incense, zodiac things, crystals, tarot related things, and a variety of spiritual objects. Did I mention how much having a $20 budget for this trip rots?

I'm especially excited about tomorrow, for tomorrow I venture into NEW ORLEANS! I'm so giddy. =D It's one of the top places I'd like to live when I move out. I can't wait. =)
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