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Check out my 'doo!

Alright everybody...

Keep in mind, this is still a work in progress...but so far, all is going according to plan. >=)
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Woah =o how cool

What's it look like from the front and when all down?
It looks the same as it did before I shaved it, only less poofy. =)
OoOoh, looks kinda like what I did last summer.

That you said was "not quite a manic panic", haha remember?
Yeah. =P Mine sort of is, actually. If I would just spike or back-comb it...I don't think my arms are quite long enough for that, though. =P
i like it. *merfs you*
Whats a merf? =P
Hey Emily its Alyssa wee. Hope your having a great summer. ttyl
Hell-o, Alyssa. I'm in Mississippi visiting my cousins, and playing with their new kitten! =D
Oh em gee, I want to have sex with your hair. Um, yeah...I haven't talked to you in quite a while. <3
Eee, how are you? I haven't been to the boards in awhile. =)
I've been good, we have AIM now so the only time I can go on the boards is when I'm at my dad's. >:[
Eh. The boards have gone to shit. =\