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Damien Mocata: How are you dear?
GlassgothEmily: Eh. Okay, I guess
GlassgothEmily: I went to Bell Tower with Jeff last Friday, and Ghost was there
GlassgothEmily: trying to lie his way out of fault, as usual
Damien Mocata: *nod*
Damien Mocata: Hopefully not getting away with it.
GlassgothEmily: he had also heard "rumors" (from sources he couldn't name) that Jeff had been telling people that he and I were dating
Damien Mocata: Hmm, always good how they can't be named
GlassgothEmily: There were some perfect moments, though
GlassgothEmily: I told him that his drinking was a factor in my decision to dump him, and he told me he hadn't drank for a long time. Then, one of his friends came up right when he said that with a knapsack and said "Here's your alcohol"
Damien Mocata: *gigglefit*
GlassgothEmily: He was also wearing a shirt that said "This is the shirt I wear when I don't give a crap"
Damien Mocata: Yet he quite evidently did
GlassgothEmily: And he tried his damned hardest to conince me that Jeff was 26, when I know he's 24
GlassgothEmily: I've probed his wallet, looked at his ID, done the math...
Damien Mocata: *nod*
GlassgothEmily: the man is 24.
GlassgothEmily: It's entertaining to watch people get caught up in their own lies :-P
Damien Mocata: Yes, cause then they tell bigger ones to try and web their way out of it
GlassgothEmily: He kept going on and on about how "I don't even check with him when I hear a rumor, I just believe it" (I have no contact information, except for his gothic personals ad where he's "a male seeking female for long-term romance"), and he disregards every rumor he hears about me
Damien Mocata: Er.. isn't this called bullshit?
GlassgothEmily: Then he tried to get off on a "technicality" by saying that "he didn't technically cheat on me because I had supposedly already broken up with him". I had made my decision *after* I heard about him cheating on me again.
Damien Mocata: *sniff sniff*
Damien Mocata: I smell something.
Damien Mocata: Smells like.... crao
Damien Mocata: crap
GlassgothEmily: Yes.
GlassgothEmily: Oh well. Unless he decides to come after me or something, I'm done with him.
Damien Mocata: Good :-)
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