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Gergely's visit

Gergely's Visit

I met Gergely in the lobby of the nearby hotel he was staying at. After my pesky mom left us alone, we went on our merry way around town, stopping in Blockbuster Video to do nothing but stare at the Monty Python videos for 10 minutes, and then stopped in Mallratz only to immediately leave. As Gergely and I were walking, we saw a mailtruck. Having cultivated a taste for silliness, we began to chase it down the street shouting "ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!". Upon having caught up to the silly thing and discovering no ice cream, we went back to my house.

While in my room, all I wanted to do was kiss him, but at the time I was worried about Ghost. I shouldn't have been because he had become quite accomplished in cheating on me. Jerk. Anyway.... At the time, I didn't know that Ghost had cheated on me a second time. That was the only reason I was worried. After I found out what was going on from Jeff though, everything was pure wonderfulness with me and Gergely. I took him to see the performance I was in, and I think he liked it. =) My mom even let me skip school for the remainder of his visit (two days) so I could be with him.

Frikkin' A, it would have been so much more convenient if I could have documented all this as it occured. >=( *curses lack of home internet*

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