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I'm so sick of the drama. Both of my "families" keep breaking up. First there was the whole Ghost ordeal (which we've worked through...long story short, very small occurance, very big rumours). Now it's Lauren and Amanda...

Is it really so much to ask that everyone can be more or less happy for at least a short period of time? A time when everyone can get along and just have fun without anyone having to worry about "who said what about who"? It's like there's always some silly squabble going on. Granted, these little mud-slingings offer amusement and make life mildly interesting sometimes...but when everything keeps happening all at once (and things start to turn quite malicious), it's just a big, annoying thorn in the ass.

Anyway, on to recent events...I went to the Bell Tower last Friday and met up with Ghost, Cara, Hannah, and this guy Ace. Ghost and I have made amends, and things are going better now. We (Me, Ghost, and Ace) hung out in front of T.G.I. Fridays for about an hour waiting for Cara and Hannah to get back so we could all get a table and eat. After awhile, we called Melissa and she came over. Those present decided "Eh, fuck it, they're not coming back for awhile" and we all went and got a table anyway. No sooner had we done this, Hannah and Cara showed up. Cara ordered a bowl of cherries, and I tried one for the very first time. I liked it. =) We sat and conversed for a little while, until I got a call from my mom that she was coming to pick me up shortly. Since I never got a chance to before, I gave Ghost his birthday present (a big celtic-y charm with a red and black stone in the center that I've had for awhile, but just never wear), and said my goodbyes. I hope he liked it. =)
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