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Yeah. "Your friend".

Slainvampire: hello
A6370J1266: 'Ey
Slainvampire: how are you?
A6370J1266: Hungry
Slainvampire: haha
A6370J1266: Anyway.
A6370J1266: "Incurable disease on the day of rest
walking on water in a sea of incest..."

I love Christian Death :)
Slainvampire: yes
A6370J1266: So
A6370J1266: State your business
Slainvampire: huh?
A6370J1266: Did you IM me for a reason, or just to chat?
Slainvampire: to chat
A6370J1266: Mmkay

A6370J1266: Just curious
Slainvampire: my friend got on last night and said something about cradls of filth is goth?
Slainvampire: they arent
Slainvampire: he is very slow
A6370J1266: Observe
Slainvampire: excuse his arrogence
Slainvampire: he fucked up this time
A6370J1266: Ah, okay :-P
Slainvampire: yea
Slainvampire: he thinks everything is goth
Slainvampire: but he is wrong
A6370J1266: Well, I'm a genre nazi.
Slainvampire: ok
Slainvampire: im going to change my password now
A6370J1266: Good idea :-P
Slainvampire: yes
A6370J1266: So
A6370J1266: What music do you like?
Slainvampire: i actually like goth
Slainvampire: christian death, bauhaus ect..
Slainvampire: you?
A6370J1266: Anything that pleases the ears. London fter Midnight, Death in June, Rasputina, Love and Rockets, Siouxsie, Bella Morte, Psychic TV, Einstürzende Neubauten, etc.
Slainvampire: yes
A6370J1266: What Christian Death songs do you like? (Listening to them right now...I'm kind of on a Christian Death high at the moment :-P)
Slainvampire: i like...

(insert 5 minute wait)

Slainvampire: death wish, death in detroit, and mother are my favorite songs
A6370J1266: "Mother" is sad :(
Slainvampire: yours?
Slainvampire: yes it is
A6370J1266: "Romeo's Distress", "Figurative Theatre", "Dogs", "Sleepwalk", "Electra Descending", "Spiritual Cramp", "Desperate Hell", etc...
A6370J1266: I haven't really met any I didn't like, just some more than others
Slainvampire: yea
Slainvampire: i have to go
Slainvampire: bye
A6370J1266: bye
Slainvampire signed off at 6:30 PM

In other news, I'm still urinating blood. I'm guessing that can't be good. Off to the doctor with me, tomorrow.
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