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I need a head doctor.

I really need someone to analyze my dreams before I go insane...

After last night, I'm pretty sure my nightmares crossed the line into "night terrors". I'm my dream I was at school, only it was much bigger. I think it started out in the (much larger and more crowded) courtyard. Raymond and Susan were sitting where I normally sit. Somehow, I found myself inside the school, and some woman asked me to find Raymond. I remember the halls and stairways being larger than life and always crowded. She never said why I was supposed to find him, or if she did say why, I forgot. I remember it was important, though...something about the end of the world?

So I go through several crowded hallways and down several winding flights of stairs, and I get outside to find out that I'm in my own backyard. For some reason, Adam and Jordan were there (they're two bus friends), and they told me that Raymond was around front. So I snuck up to the corner of the house, and Adam tackled me to the ground, but not in a rough or mean sort of way. It was almost affectionate, actually. We rolled on the grass about 3 times, and then Raymond noticed me. I got up and walked towards him through the plants (I guess walking on the grass never occured to me), and Raymond was with some random, fat spooky chick.

Me: "What are you doing?"
Raymond: "I'm going to fuck my daughter"

They both looked so mean...well, maybe not mean, really, but they were staring me down, so I turned around and walked (quite clumsily) back through the plants. That's when I noticed Raymond was headed straight for Adam, who was hiding in the bushes. He was running like Jack Skellington ran in The Nightmare Before Christmas, with big long strides. I was pretty sure he intended to hurt Adam, so I ran in front of him and kicked Raymond away. The impact sent me to the grass, and then Raymond ran straight for Adam again, and I could tell he was going to get there before me...and that's when I blanked out.

The next thing I remember was being in my back yard again, only it looked as if a storm had ravaged everything. I was collecting what sentimental items I could find scattered around the yard, and I thought about going around to the front of the house to see if maybe Raymond had left anything behind. I became upset when I looked around and realized I was completely alone. It was right then that I woke up.

As soon as I realized it was only a nightmare, I immediately wondered whether I should call Raymond just to have him confirm whether or not he truly hates me. But then reality kicked in, and I realized that would probably be a really bad idea.

Heh. Happy Frikin' Valentine's Day.
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