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Ooooh...scary. >=D

Evanesancefan04: asl?
A6370J1266: You first.
Evanesancefan04: 15/m/fl
Evanesancefan04: I saw your post about gothic people
A6370J1266: Which one?
A6370J1266: 16/f/fl
Evanesancefan04: "" Goth's, Hel the city is under attack, We need your help!"
A6370J1266: Ah, that one
Evanesancefan04: Uh, Yeah sure, Are you goth?
A6370J1266: No. I post on the goth board, am active in the subculture, listen to the music, etc. I'm definitely not goth. :-P
Evanesancefan04: well then, I dont know
Evanesancefan04: And just to let you know, I am ....
A6370J1266: :-P
Evanesancefan04: simpleplanman04, And You said I scared you, And I did not mean to so, Now it is time for me to be on my way, Sit in my corner and watch you go play
A6370J1266: When did I say you "scared" me?
Evanesancefan04: when i left that away message
Evanesancefan04: About bodies bye
A6370J1266: I don't recall
Evanesancefan04: Sure, Bye
A6370J1266: But it's silly to be "scared" of anyone on the 'net :-P
Evanesancefan04: I said, I am only asking for a little challenge, I want to see if you bite back, And When I bite you, I promise I will hide your body intedned to never be found
A6370J1266: Maybe someone had the same font as me?
Evanesancefan04: nope, Maybe ur sis if u have on
Evanesancefan04: bye
Evanesancefan04 signed off at 8:28 PM

Wow. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that this was that obnoxious Adam kid at my school who tried to "suck Lauren's blood".
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